In 2014 Mobile is key to bringing communication a step further.
“Being Mobile” enables to experience a brand or a service in a unique and innovative way.
The Smartphone is addictive.
An average mobile user reaches his phone 150 times per day and represents the central tool for Social Media usage.
Smartphone and tablet key attributes are : connection, excitement, curiosity and productivity.
At clicmobile we believe that consumer fascination with mobile technology is engineered and built by experts. We believe that providing expert service in mobility as well as Community Management to brands and customers is central to obtain results and traction in the digital world.
Clicmobile is your one stop shop for mobile and social media results.


Consulting & Strategy

We understand the digital era we live in and we help our clients transform their business issues in this fast evolving market

Social Media Expertise

We help brands build solid relationships with their customers and use social sharing as a business generator

Creative UX / UI Design

We deliver intuitive, innovative, easy to use and attractive interfaces that adapt perfectly to all digital platforms (Web + Apps)

Software Development

We build and manage complex Responsive Design mobile websites, mobile Apps as well as server side services and platforms

Analytics & User Insights

We have developed a tool that collects metrics and offers custom data visualizations to understand users behaviors

Innovation & Creativity

We develop impactful, disruptive and creative ideas along with innovative visual approaches and use new tools to connect consumers together




As we move into the post smartphones era with sensors and wearables technologies, clicmobile is now providing Google Glass services. With Glass, we are helping our client to move our loved physical world with the power of the connected internet opening up new ways of doing the things we love.


Clicmobile designed and developed for SNCF an innovative smartphone application dedicated to assist the traveler during his journey. The innovation relies in the NFC feature (Near Field Communication) embedded in the app that turns the phone into a real travel assistant, managing ticket buying but also stamping and controlling on board.


Clicmobile successfully developed the first commercial application using Leap Motion revolutionary technology! A World Premiere took place at TOC Europe 2013, a Container Supply Chain Exhibition in Rotterdam. For the first time, visitors could manipulate big industrial objects with hand gestures.